I'm looking forward to working with you! To get the ball rolling, please fill out this questionnaire. This will be a big help in designing your project.

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Providing links or logos allows me to get a better feel for the market and competition.
Helps in creating an overall feeling and impression of the logo.
Include JPEGs or links to logos or websites you like if possible.
Example: myBrand, MY BRAND, my brand, etc.
Example: print, web, packaging, signage...
Example: on the web, in print, on menus, on screen, etc.
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Example: Home, About, News, Contact, Location, etc.
A URL/domain example is,, – it's the name of your website. In most cases, the shorter the better so people can remember your site easily.
This will help me determine pricing and number of concepts, and figure out what types of fonts I can use for your brand (free vs. paid), if artwork is needed (either custom via a freelance illustrator or stock art), etc.